Leadership Training – Communication of Goals

Training Topics:

  • Time Management – basics: how to increase personal effectiveness?
  • Difference between Vision and Strategy. How to develop company goals from a vision?
  • SMART definition of goals. Helpful approach to set the goals
  • Various levels of goals communication


Retail, Textile


Warsaw, Poland

Leadership Training Program (Finance Company)

Dynamical change on financial market changed the way of looking on leaders. They face new challenges: need for fast reactions, communication of changes in the strategy, securing of  commitment to the strategy and company.

One of the major polish banks wanted to improve the ability of leaders to manage the change. Based on needs analysis PeOrg Consult developed a training program which was delivered in three modules:

  • Analysis Phase: Interviews with Team Leaders and Bankers about their understanding of change management and strategy, existing communication and leadership styles in the company and the perception of the company culture
  • Training Phase: based on Interviews Leadership training about in two steps:
    1. Training “Organisational Development”: self reflection of own leadership potential, definition of the team leader role, communication of the strategy (theory and exercise), definition and presentation of company culture based on interviews – implications for leadership. 2. Training “Coaching skills for Team Leaders”: systemic team constellation, motivational theories, definition of team goals and individual goals, communication of the goals on team level and individual level, employee talks
  • Individual Coaching sessions with Team Leaders focused on individual topics of Team Leaders and their career development in the company and on their position

After delivery of the training program, individual coaching sessions were integrated into years reviews.

Leadership Coaching

Half-day coaching on:

  • planning of  leadership process
  • and implementation of company strategy in shops.

Next coaching topic would be:

  • a motivation of shop staff to live the strategy
  • and to develop own unique sales process, which would reflect a company strategy.






Leadership Training Program

Design and delivery  of a leadership program for retail company:

  • with the goal to prepare the managerial team for upcoming changes and growth strategy.

The program started with:

  • Assessment Center for managerial staff to find the development areas and the goals for coaching.

In the next steps PeOrg Consult delivered:

  • Group Coaching
  • and Individual Coaching to all participants of assessment center.





Assessment Center and Development Talks

Since 2007 in case of recruitment for managerial positions PeOrg Consult delivers an individual assessment which supports the decision-making for position filling.

The personal assessment looks at:

  • the potential of candidates
  • and the role expectations to find the best fit.

In the next step all candidates are:

  • invited to individual coaching session, which work out next development steps and make a recommendations for future career steps.

In 2009 four candidates took part in the recruitment process, who applied for the position of Service Manager.




Petrochemicals Company