Moderation of a global HR Conference

Goal of the conference:

  • decision on global HR strategy
  • presentation of subsidiaries and their regional strategies
  • getting to know the HR partners from different regions and departments


  • around 20 participants from 5 different countries and three different continents
  • facilitated two – days session
  • methods used: open space; presentation, world cafe, small group discussions
  • evening events as team building





Training: Managing Change in Team

At the end of the seminar participants:

  • understood how they can manage change effectively
  • learned how to communicate change vision in interesting and motivating way
  • learned how to use different communication techniques in different situations
  • learned how different people can react in changing environment and how they can prepare for different reaction in their teams


  • Company culture and its impact on change management
  • Role of leader in changing environment
  • John Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model
  • Communication in change process: working with vision, building successful coalitions, promoting change in team
  • How different personalities deal with change. Self assessment and assessment of team members. Techniques.


  • Regional Directors


  • Finance

Online Talent Management Program

For a Shared Service Center based in Poland PeOrg Consult delivered a Talent Management Program:

  • which was individually adjusted to the needs and talents of participants.
  • which was partially delivered online and on telephone.
  • which was delivered in Polish, English and German.
  • which prepared the participants to the next career step: from middle-level management to top-level management.

Elements of Talent Management Program:

  • Development Center delivered over online based tool (life sessions). Development Center was oriented on the competence model of the company and included three elements: standardized interview, case study (cognitive) and case study with role plays (behavioral)
  • Development Session delivered on the telephone. It was based on the feedback from Assessment Center (feedback session and personal report) and was agreed for one year.
  • Coaching Sessions on the phone, online and face-to-face.
  • Development Support. Every participant of the Talent Management Program works with designated learning partner at PeOrg Consult. Our Learning Partner: supports participants by the choice of right training course/coach (depends on the agreement in development session), reviews learning progress monthly and makes sure that the participant have all support needed to transfer the knowledge into his daily life.
  • Review Session, which summarize the development made within one year of learning.


  • Middle-Level Managers


  • Service

Change Management: Integration of Polish subsidary into German company structure

Workshop Topics:

  • Expectation of Polish team towards German Management
  • What do are our USP as Polish Team? What do differentiate us from German team?
  • Analysis of the processes in Poland. How to integrate Polish processes into German company structure? Discussion.
  • Action Plan for next six months


  • German and Polish Management Board


  • IT Services