Implementation of Flexible Coaching Program

For a team of financial advisers working in virtual teams, PeOrg Consult implemented coaching program, which supports  young team leaders in developing their leadership skills over a period of six months. Our aim was to combine a coaching techniques with the challenges of dynamic working environment. We addressed this goal by delivering coaching in face-to-face, group, telephone and online sessions.

Team Development Workshop: Sales is for everybody


  • Looking back at our team: how did we change in last five years?
  • Summary: Team Work during the exercise “Building a raft for Nagold river”
  • How our company can extend company sales potential – discussion in small teams
  • Training: Compact sales skills for non-sales-people. What is important for being successful in sales?
  • Company USP’s – Exercise


IT consulting company



Implementation of Development Talks (Manufacturing Industry)

German food industry company introduced in 2008 new employees and development talks. In the first step the employee talks were implemented in Germany. This went also with a change of company culture, which puts bigger impact on development and career planning for all employees. In 2009 employee talks were implemented in Poland. This happened in three steps:

  • Adaptation of employee talks and their documentation to polish company culture and communication to polish subsidiaries
  • Delivery of leadership training “Leading with employee talks” for all team leaders and directors.
  • Delivery of coaching sessions with team leaders and directors after seven months.