Leadership Development Programme: Learning to Lead with Vision

Our client went through different stages of an organizational change process and asked PeOrg Consult to deliver a Leadership Development Programme for all Managers. The programme should help the managers to lead the necessary culture change, to motivate the teams and to overcome the pressure on delivering results.

Our Solution:

  • Workshop session with management team where the company strategy, managerial requirements and trainings framework were discussed
  • Two-day Leadership Training comprised practical activities designed to raise awareness of personal leadership style
  • Two five-hours Mentoring Sessions enabled the participants to discuss their managerial experiences with colleagues, solve critical situation they experienced in the meanwhile, gain knowledge in selected areas of expertise

Participants: 120 Top and Senior Management Teams and all Department and sections managers

Industry: Logistic Company

Delivery period: 2014

Audience: All management levels

Seminar “How to handle Employee Conversations” – part of Talent Management Programme

At the end of the seminar participants:

  • learned how to use conversations with employees as a management method
  • learned how to communicate in motivating and effective way
  • learned how to use different communication techniques in different situations (from appraisals discussions to group meetings)
  • went out with action plan for next six months, which they could implement in online coaching


  • Employee conversations; from critic and praise to formal performance appraisal talks.
  • Rules of effective communication.
  • Structure of employee talks. Similarities and differences.


  • Young professionals


  • Retail

Seminar: Challenging and Charismatic Leadership for more results


By the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • build their own winning and positive personality as a leader to get more results
  • develop an action plan for next six months to achieve what they need/want for company success
  • understand how the relationships and personality influence the company’s outcomes
  • manage effectively and positively own and others emotions


  • 5 secrets of charismatic leadership – guidelines
  • Using own strengths and weaknesses as an advantage to motivate others
  • Planning of leadership strategy in teams – St. Gallen Management Model
  • Emotions and its role in challenging teams
  • Working with metaphors and stories to call employees to actions


  • Executive Managers

Training: Change Management in Retail

Training Topics:

  • Perception of change.
  • Role of the pro-activity during the change. Stephen Covey discourse about the pro-activity in management.
  • Change and transition curve – Implication for implementation of change
  • Dealing with teams in change processes (team constellation before and after)
  • Communication of change processes, leader as change facilitator, charismatic and authentic leadership, development and communication of a vision


  • Store Managers


  • Retail