Train the Trainer Module 6

Since five years PeOrg Consult runs a Train The Trainer Sessions for technical trainers.

Module 6 concentrated on:

  • development of soft skills as trainer with the support of NLP methods.
  • presentation of different personality theories and models. Implementation of best practice personality model into training context.
  • development of negotiation skills and conflict management skills. Understanding of group dynamic.
  • video feedback


Stuttgart, Germany


IT Service

Change Management: Integration of Polish subsidary into German company structure

Workshop Topics:

  • Expectation of Polish team towards German Management
  • What do are our USP as Polish Team? What do differentiate us from German team?
  • Analysis of the processes in Poland. How to integrate Polish processes into German company structure? Discussion.
  • Action Plan for next six months


  • German and Polish Management Board


  • IT Services

Training: Psychological principles of effective communication in business

At the end of the seminar participants:

  • understood his own communication style
  • learned how to communicate in motivating and effective way
  • learned how to use different communication techniques in different situations (from appraisals discussions to group meetings)
  • went out with action plan for next six months, which they could implement in online coaching


  • exchange in communication: transmitter versus receiver
  • managing communication in social interactions effectively. Introduction to Non-Violent Communication
  • Rules of effective communication
  • Techniques of individual discussion: from praise to critic. Basics of Conflict Management
  • Communication in the groups. Differences. Methods.


  • Young professionals


  • Finance

Online Coaching: Emotional Intelligence for CEO’s

Since November 2011 PeOrg Consult delivers online coaching for companies. Every online coaching starts with needs analysis of the client (companies and coachee). In next step we prepare individual coaching program, which can be attended online any time by the cocheee and can be upgraded by:

  • moderated online meetings with other coachees,
  • telephone sessions or
  • face-to-face sessions.

About Online Coaching:

In 2010 PeOrg Consult responded to the demand for coaching via internet.  The number of internet users is growing every day and managers (especially in Eastern Europe) work  in fast and dynamic environment with “virtual” teams and don’t have time or possibilities for training or coaching. Our online coaching program addresses those needs:
  • It can be delivered on every computer with the internet connection. All what our cochee needs to do, is to sign into the online coaching interface and work from one module to the other. PeOrg Consult’s coach guides cochee with questions, suggestions for action and information he thinks cochee might find helpful.
  • Coachee decides when and how fast he wants to work on each module.
  • He can ask questions and get quick response directly from his coach
  • All knowledge gained during the session is stored in one place. There is no more searching or storing of big folders full of training materials.

Topics of Online Coaching “Emotional Intelligent Manager”

The modules in the online coaching program include:
  • Module 1. What does it mean being Emotional Intelligent; Definition; Five Key Elements of Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire “How emotional intelligent am I?”;
  • Module 2. Emotional Intelligent Manager. Effective and EQ-wise Management. Key factors. Tools and techniques
  • Module 3. How to communicate in emotional intelligent way? Elements of emotional talk. Blue-Print Method in communication; Basics of non-violent communication. Action plan for the next three months.


Two CEO’s of German subsidiaries in Poland (Financial Industry and Recycling Industry)

Team Development Workshop: Sales is for everybody


  • Looking back at our team: how did we change in last five years?
  • Summary: Team Work during the exercise “Building a raft for Nagold river”
  • How our company can extend company sales potential – discussion in small teams
  • Training: Compact sales skills for non-sales-people. What is important for being successful in sales?
  • Company USP’s – Exercise


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