Seminar: Challenging and Charismatic Leadership for more results


By the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • build their own winning and positive personality as a leader to get more results
  • develop an action plan for next six months to achieve what they need/want for company success
  • understand how the relationships and personality influence the company’s outcomes
  • manage effectively and positively own and others emotions


  • 5 secrets of charismatic leadership – guidelines
  • Using own strengths and weaknesses as an advantage to motivate others
  • Planning of leadership strategy in teams – St. Gallen Management Model
  • Emotions and its role in challenging teams
  • Working with metaphors and stories to call employees to actions


  • Executive Managers

Team Development Workshop: Sales is for everybody


  • Looking back at our team: how did we change in last five years?
  • Summary: Team Work during the exercise “Building a raft for Nagold river”
  • How our company can extend company sales potential – discussion in small teams
  • Training: Compact sales skills for non-sales-people. What is important for being successful in sales?
  • Company USP’s – Exercise


IT consulting company