International Leadership Program

Goal of the program:


  • Foster a closer cooperation and networking between leaders coming from different locations
  • Develop a strategic view on business topics relevant to company future
  • Develop a common understanding of leadership topics
  • Become familiar with company concepts on leadership development (e.g.: competencies, change methods)



  • 15 participants from 5 different countries and three different continents
  • 6 month’s program with trainings sessions, project work, coaching and leadership feedback sessions
  • method used: seminar (3 days), coaching (small group session), project work assignment, leadership feedback for participants combined with feedback session


Germany and Poland



Team Development

Since 5 years PeOrg Consult delivers a team development session with different topics.

In 2009 the main focus was on:

  • identity of the company
  • the role of employees in the company
  • and team as most important factor for company success.

Participants filmed a company advertisement which should show the company identity and the company USPs. They also discussed such topics as “why I like working here?”, “what makes our company unique?”.


a lot of fun in teams by producing of an advertisement, rethinking of own position in the company




Service Company

Team Development

In this first team development we focused on strengths and weaknesses of the team. In the next step we developed an action plan for the next six months to address discussed issues.

Unfortunately, because of floating in the south Poland we couldn’t work deeper on team issues. We were forced to evacuate…


Czech Republic


IT Financial Company