Remote Coaching for management team

Since three months PeOrg Consult runs a remote coaching for executive management team in Poland.

Goal of the Coaching:

  • supporting of the management team by implementing cultural changes within the organisation


  • Face-to-face sessions once a month
  • Weekly telephone sessions
  • On-going coaching support using an online coaching platform





Train the Trainer Module 7

Since six years PeOrg Consult runs a Train The Trainer Sessions for technical trainers.

Module 7 concentrated on development of:

  • how to interpret the body language of training’s participants and how to manage it effectively
  • different levels of learning process. Implications for training’s didactic
  • managing dynamic in the training with help of icebreakers and group exercises
  • and we worked with video feedback… like always…


Stuttgart, Germany


IT Services

Seminar “How to handle Employee Conversations” – part of Talent Management Programme

At the end of the seminar participants:

  • learned how to use conversations with employees as a management method
  • learned how to communicate in motivating and effective way
  • learned how to use different communication techniques in different situations (from appraisals discussions to group meetings)
  • went out with action plan for next six months, which they could implement in online coaching


  • Employee conversations; from critic and praise to formal performance appraisal talks.
  • Rules of effective communication.
  • Structure of employee talks. Similarities and differences.


  • Young professionals


  • Retail