One comment on “Program dla Kadry Zarządzającej Sprzedażą. Systemowe doradztwo

  1. I have worked with Magda over the period of nine months. Our cooperation was based on individual coaching as well coaching for teams within our company.
    I definitely benefited from that process. I got clarity on issues that stayed unrecognized before. Challenges and questions coming from Magda helped to get concrete answers and solutions allowing not only myself but the whole organization to move forward and develop.
    Magda was often acting as catalyst helping to clarify and get the essence of the subject that we were working on.
    Areas covered by that process included leadership, change management, goal definition / setting, business processes streamlining as well as practical tools for individuals and groups helping to work better and more efficiently.
    It was definitely a valuable and fruitful experience. I consider going through it again, in the future.

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