Webinar: Charismatic Leadership of Virtual Teams


For the German-Polish Chamber of Commerce, we delivered a webinar about charismatic leadership in the time of Covid-19 pandemic.

Clients Challenge

Exceptional circumstances require unique resources … For many managers, virtual meetings and workshops are already part of everyday life. However, managing a virtual and distributed team is an even greater challenge. The webinar, which we conducted in cooperation with the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, supported those managers who have had little experience in the management of dispersed teams so far. We showed methods and tricks for managing a virtual team. Managers often have a natural fear of working online. Especially when it comes to such personal and difficult topics as delegating, motivating, encouraging employees to accomplish and follow directions. The webinar aimed at the management style and how to adapt it to the conditions of virtual work. The target group were members companies of Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which during a crisis (Covid-19 pandemic) faced the challenge of working from home and wanted to prepare for online work with a distributed team.

Our Scenario

Our webinar discussed which leadership styles work in virtual work. It also looked at how you can use personal attributes/personality traits to your advantage while having a limited impact due to the virtual environment. Also, it explained what elements of charisma work well online and translate into team effectiveness. Key concepts discussed: leadership styles, authentic leadership, charisma and leadership, exerting influence in a dispersed team. Magdalena Kishizawa led the webinar. She is a consultant with twenty years of international experience and ten years of experience in working with teams spread around the world (for companies such as Bombardier, Porsche and Perkin Elmer). She is a coach, trainer and also works during a Covid-19 pandemic as a crisis psychotherapist.