Human Resource Management Across Cultures. Workshop Cultural Diversity (Life Science)


The client was a global corporation, specialising in diagnostics, life science research and environmental and industrial testing, operating in 150 countries.

Client Challenge

The client had several individual Human Resource departments based in different countries in Europe. They needed to develop strategies for cooperating and supporting a new Central Support Centre based in South Poland. In order for the Central Support Centre to be successful, they required an opportunity to increase cultural awareness and develop a strategy to support Centre in all HR-related matters.

Our Way

A one day workshop delivered in English for an international group of Human Resource professionals. The workshop started with a team-building exercise, then there was theoretical input including the impact of culture on our brain and cognition, cultural standards and their impact on behaviour and how we deal with cultural diversity. Finally, there was a World Cafe session (an opportunity to identify future action) which included discussions on the challenges of leading teams and working globally and resources for working with other locations and cultures.

The session was led by Magdalena Kishizawa, who not only worked with the client before but also delivered several intercultural awareness trainings for the managers of the Central Support Centre. Magdalena has 20 years experience in working globally and has worked with participants from more than 20 different cultures. She lived and worked in Germany, Irland, United Kingdom and Portugal and is very closely connected with Japanese culture via her family links. She studied at the University of Heidelberg in Germany (Diplom-Psychology), Catholic University of Lublin in Poland (Education Science) and School of Management of University of Bradford (Master of Business Administration). She works in English, German and Polish.