Cross-Team and Cross-Cultural Collaboration. Series of Workshops (Aerospace)


The client was an expanding German production company with sites in Germany and Poland. They required a German and Polish speaking trainer to deliver training on working in a global environment.

Client Challenge

The two teams needed to work together, but remotely, on many projects. Not only did they need to overcome cultural differences, but they also needed to address the very different characteristics of each site. One was very traditional and experienced whilst the other was very young and dynamic. They needed to build a sense of team spirit and identify ways to collaborate and communicate effectively.

Our Way

10 two-day workshops were delivered in English, Polish and German. The workshops centred around cultural awareness and defining rules for successful intercultural communication and cooperation with each other. Additionally, participants participated in an exchange through a series of cultural events.

Series of workshops was led by a polish speaking consultant, Magdalena Kishizawa, who not only worked with the client before and knew all global company sites but also delivered international development program for high potentials. Magdalena has 20 years experience in working globally and has worked with participants from more than 20 different cultures. She lived and worked in Germany, Irland, United Kingdom and Portugal and is very closely connected with Japanese culture via her family links. She studied at the University of Heidelberg in Germany (Diplom-Psychology), Catholic University of Lublin in Poland (Education Science) and School of Management of University of Bradford (Master of Business Administration). She works in English, German and Polish and during workshops she worked simultaneously (as required in this project) in all three languages.