COVID-19 Psychological Hotline for Employees and Leaders

Since March our team with psychotherapeutic and psychological background dedicates part of working hours to assist those, who might be overwhelmed by self-isolation and virtual workplace. Social distancing measures forced almost the whole workforce to remain home. Sometimes we had to isolate from those we love or had to stay with a full family and full workload. That may bring forward uneasy feelings and thoughts that might have been missed during our busy lives. Our hotline and individual psychological support addressed those people, who experience emotional stress in their teams and need the advice of a therapist or a professional experienced in working with people under stress. We worked with certified multilingual consultants (psychotherapists), who were under the supervision.

During our consultations, we supported people with anxiety or panic attacks, depression, relationship problems, overwhelmed and stressed by the workload or dealing with virtual working environment for the first time and self-organisation issues.

We closed our open helpline by the end of May, but we continue working with companies supporting them with a designated hotline for their employees.

Individual Development Program of Managing Director (Finance)


The client was a German financial leasing company based in Germany. Polish subsidiary in Warsaw required a Polish- and German-speaking consultant to set and deliver a personal development program for the Managing Director in Poland to identify ways to manage her team and develop the company.

Client Challenge

The MD needed to work on her personal and leadership potential to better manage the team and company targets. She wanted to gain an increased understanding of how a team works and which roles are given within a team and how this affects the dynamic and performance. She also wanted to explore personal and company goals and identify key milestones for the year ahead.

Our Way

Individual Development Program was composed of five elements; orientation and assessment, face-to-face coaching (6 two-hour sessions), in-between assignments with online coaching tool, feedback and learning activities.

Development Program took about six months and was delivered by Magdalena Kishizawa. Magdalena is a Polish speaking trainer and coach with an experience in financial industry and knowledge of the Polish and German market. She worked for major German and Polish banks on Learning & Development projects.

Arriving at Your Own Leadership Style: Discover Your Strengths. Workshop (Logistic)


The client was a Polish logistics operator which had undergone many changes in the previous ten years which included being privatised and then being sold to a total equity company.

Client Challenge

The managers working in the headquarters needed to change their leadership styles to suit their changing roles and company values. They had to focus more on developing relationships and influencing rather than issuing direct orders.

Our Way

The managers had previously participated in communication and leadership workshops with us. In this two-day workshop, we focussed on personal development and potential. The consultant had analysed their Hogan assessments to be able to give individual targets and explain how they can influence and recognise their own limitations. For the group coaching session, we used the Blue Ocean Leadership Grid as an inspiration for how to approach personal changes. The workshop was delivered in Polish by a Hogan Assessment certified leadership trainer, Magdalena Kishizawa.

Magdalena is an experienced trainer with 20 years of training of managers different levels: from team leaders to executives. She works internationally, with different cultures and within different organisational structures. She has experience working in a global matrix organization and with logistic industry. She studied at the University of Heidelberg in Germany (Diplom-Psychology), Catholic University of Lublin in Poland (Education Science) and School of Management of University of Bradford (Master of Business Administration). She delivers her trainings in English, German and Polish. With her dynamic and enthusiastic approach, she creates an open environment for exchange and pushes participants to test their limits and overcome barriers and try new things.