Sales Skills Academy (Retail)


The client was an association of wholesalers of household goods which was founded in Germany in the seventies. It is composed of more than 100 independent partner companies and is active in Germany and 16 other European countries.

Clients Challenge

The German mother company already had a sales and leadership skills academy. However, with the growing business in Poland, it was decided that this should be locally introduced for the companies within the Polish network. They required Polish trainers with an understanding of the needs of the Polish market and workplace rather than taking German trainers from the German Sales Academy.

Our Way

First we had interviews with the company owners within the network to understand their needs. Then we ran a workshop with company managers about their needs and conducted observations on the job with sales, office, technical support and retail teams. Using this information, we set up the training process (with participant preparation and after-training support) and suggested 10 training topics to start. The training academy has grown since 2014 and delivers courses on over 50 topics in cooperation with freelance trainers. The training analysis and communication was carried out in Polish.

Magdalena Kishizawa, was a part of the consulting team and works since 2014 as a trainer for a Sales Academy. She delivers trainings on personal development for employees and managers of the association. It is a polish speaking project and all trainings are delivered in Poland. Magdalena brings great experience and business integrity to this project. She motivates participants to make perosnal changes and gives an advice how to overcome personal bareers and challenges. She delivers trainings: Productivity in VUCA Environment, Assertiveness and Personal Impact and Branding.