COVID-19 Psychological Hotline for Employees and Leaders

Since March our team with psychotherapeutic and psychological background dedicates part of working hours to assist those, who might be overwhelmed by self-isolation and virtual workplace. Social distancing measures forced almost the whole workforce to remain home. Sometimes we had to isolate from those we love or had to stay with a full family and full workload. That may bring forward uneasy feelings and thoughts that might have been missed during our busy lives. Our hotline and individual psychological support addressed those people, who experience emotional stress in their teams and need the advice of a therapist or a professional experienced in working with people under stress. We worked with certified multilingual consultants (psychotherapists), who were under the supervision.

During our consultations, we supported people with anxiety or panic attacks, depression, relationship problems, overwhelmed and stressed by the workload or dealing with virtual working environment for the first time and self-organisation issues.

We closed our open helpline by the end of May, but we continue working with companies supporting them with a designated hotline for their employees.