Online Training Program: Transition from Home to Office

A series of mini-seminars and lectures for managers on team management during the transition from remote working to working in the office. The program is conducted online and is divided into three two-hour meetings of managers in the same groups.

Session 1. Challenges faced by management when returning to “new normality”. Theoretical discussion from the perspective of the experience of Chinese research and companies’ experiences and translating them into best practice and theories of Health & Safety.

Session 2. Motivating teams when returning to the company’s headquarters: Responding to extreme groups of employees: managing an anxious person (the so-called fear of returning to normality) or a person with risk tendencies (i.e. not following the rules). Conducting difficult and motivating conversations to increase team efficiency.

Session 3. Group coaching to activate support in the training team. Exercises of methods discussed in session 2 on examples from participants. Final questions and perspective for the next 6 months.

Magdalena Kishizawa online trainer