On-Boarding / Intercultural Training: “Living and Working in Poland”


The training participant was a German manager in Poland. The customer worked for a German car manufacturer and was transferred to the Polish location at the beginning of the year.

Clients Challenge

The German participant has already worked on several international projects and also participated in a training course on intercultural awareness as part of a corparate personnel development program. Our onboarding training aimed to prepare him specifically for employment in Poland.

Our Way

The training lasted one day and included the following topics: 1) Understanding Poland and the Poles 2) Polish business culture and Polish work practices: etiquette and hot spots from a German perspective. 3) Corporate culture: effective business communication, effective business communication (in writing and on the phone), Polish reality of life. 4) Effective team communication: direct and indirect communication patterns. 5) Leadership in Poland: leadership styles, setting goals and planning, team management and building cooperation within the Polish team.

The session was led by Magdalena Kishizawa, who delivered several intercultural awareness trainings for the managers from different cultures. Magdalena has 20 years experience in working globally and has worked with participants from more than 20 different cultures. She lived and worked in Germany, Irland, United Kingdom and Portugal and is very closely connected with Japanese culture via her family links. She studied at the University of Heidelberg in Germany (Diplom-Psychology), Catholic University of Lublin in Poland (Education Science) and School of Management of University of Bradford (Master of Business Administration). She works in English, German and Polish.