Introduction of a new Performance Management System (Manufacturing)


Our client was a manufacturer of materials handling equipment with subsidiaries in Europe, Northern America and Asia. The company employs 30000 employees worldwide and in Poland around 100 sales employees.

Client Challenge:

In the European part of the organisation, the customer introduced a new performance management tool, which should also be used in all subsidiaries. Before reconstruction of the Human Resource department on the European level, each subsidiary had a local Performance Management system. Therefore our goal was to introduce new company-wide Performance Management system, create a shared understanding for purpose, content and procedure of the performance management and the manager’s role and to prepare participants for the Employee Dialogue and gain more confidence during Employee Dialogue.

Our way:

After an introduction of the Performance System to regional HR Partners, we run one days training for all local managers. The training concentrated on showing the advantages of Performance Management for all employees. It was particularly important as the managers had to recognise the necessity for global Performance System. After the discussion about the disadvantages and advantages of global appraisal system, we concentrated on practising the employee’s reviews. We refreshed such theoretical background as SMART goal setting, types of questions, the structure of employee dialogue, coaching matrix (e.g. when and how to develop employees), formulating behaviour-based feedback. We finished the training with role plays.

The training was delivered by Magdalena Kishizawa. She has 20 years of experience in training managers at different levels (from team leaders to group management) and with the implementation of competence models in the companies. She holds a Master Degree in Psychology from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. She also studied Educational Science at the Catholic University in Lubin, Poland, and Business Administration at the School of Management at the University of Bradford, UK. She works with the languages English, German and Polish. Ms Kishizawa brings teams together with her dynamic, optimistic and empathetic approach, creates a safe space for exchange and supports the participants as they try out new methods and overcome challenges.